For Data-Driven Business Decisions

Market Research Data that every entrepreneur, startups, and enterprise needs to make profitable decisions.

120 countries, 450+ market segments, millions of data sets analyzed with powerful algorithms.

Get insights and data about every market in the world, so you can make data-driven decisions for your business, Marketing, product launch and detailed analysis of the most profitable market/region for your new startup.

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180+ TB of Data &
Millions of data sets Analysed intelligently

We have processed more than 180 TB of data to extracts the data
for predicting the future and visualizing the past and present.

Why are we doing this?

Started in Q4 of 2016 as a traditional market research company, some of the worlds biggest companies and startups started using our data.

We quickly realized that market research data products are outdated, un-untrustworthy, too-expensive and require a huge transformation, we started working on technologies, machine learning framework, data collection and research to solve the major pain point of this industry.

We have come a long way and processed 180+ Terra bytes of data and millions of data sets and files provided by our verified and authentic data service providers and extracted by our powerful technologies developed by in collaboration with MIT and SAMSUNG and several other partners.

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